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Partners: Organizations and Individuals that Contributed to Site

Cooperating Organizations:

University of Illinois
Iowa State University
USDA Agricultural Research Service, National Soil Tilth Laboratory
USDA Natural Resource Conservation Service, National Soil Quality Team and National Soil Ecology Branch

Active Collaborators:

Dr. Susan Andrews, Ph.D. Ecologist Resource Assessment Division USDA-NRCS, coordinated all aspects of project, with particular emphasis on adaptations of assessment tools and organization of educational materials. Remains active in soil quality index research and development and is currently working to update the website.

Dr. Michelle Wander, University of Illinois, helped coordinate the educational component and develop and host the original site. Lead for the Illinois Soil Quality Initiative (ISQI) which laid some of the foundation and contributed materials to early site construction. Currently hosts site and coordinates efforts to update and recover tools module

Dr. Doug Karlen, Soil Scientist, ARS National Soil Tilth Lab, consults on assessment tool performance and contributed to topic-based work sessions on crop production and soil quality. Is a national leader in soil quality research and index development.

Former Contributors:

Dr. Holli Kuykendall, Ecologist, National Soil Quality Team, USDA NRCS, East National Technology Support Center, formerly developed and maintained the web site.

Dr. Todd Nissen, University of Illinois, helps coordinate the educational component and help develop and adapt assessment techniques for soil quality and sustainability. Is coordinator for related educational video project. Is active in soil quality research.

Dr. Pete Boysen, Senior Systems Analyst, Iowa State University Computation Center, oversaw original Java programming performed by graduate research assistant that allow the web site to be interactive and user-specific.

Ms. Ann Lewandowski, Geographer and Education Specialist, contributed to topic-based work sessions, site design and the educational portion of the web site while part of the NRCS Soil Quality Institute.

Dr. Cathy Seybold, Pedologist, contributed to topic-based work sessions and consults on content for the educational and tools sections of the web site while with the NRCS Soil Quality Institute.

Dr. Gerry Walter, formerly at the University of Illinois Human and Community Development, helped coordinate the topic-based sessions to record input to direct and refine assessment strategies and coordinated the analysis of focus group results. Was the research leader of the ISQI dialog project.

Ms. Deborah Cavanaugh-Grant, formerly at the University of Illinois, Extension Educator Sustainable Agriculture, helped coordinate the first meeting in the Quad cities as part of the ISQI project.

Ms. Ellen Phillips, formerly an Extension Educator, University of Illinois, contributed to the educational portion of the web page (video clips, use points, and PowerPoint material) and contributed to topic-based sessions related to crop production and soil quality card development.

Dr. Craig Ditzler, Director, NRCS Soil Quality Institute, consults on web site content, suggested NRCS participants for work sessions, and provided computer equipment for web site development.

Mr. Mike Sucik, NRCS State Soil Scientist for Iowa, consulted on web site content, contributed to topic-based work sessions, and identified NRCS field personnel to participate in the work sessions.

Students working with Drs. Andrews and Boysen:

Neeraj Khanolkar, Computer Science master's student, wrote programs for the tools portion of the web site using java and jsp programming languages.

Michael Larsen, Computer Science undergraduate student, contributed to database management, library research, and network management for the web site.


United States Department of Agriculture - Sustainable Agriculture Education and Research - Professional Development Program (USDA SARE PDP)