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2007 Soil and Water Conservation Society - Soil Quality Workshop

"Soil Quality: the Foundation for Natural Resource Quality"

Held in conjunction with the 2007 Soil and Water Conservation Society Annual Conference in Tampa, Florida, the soil quality workshop highlighted the mechanisms and importance of soil quality to sustain and improve air quality, water quality and quantity, biodiversity, and farm productivity.

The workshop was co-sponsored by the Soil and Water Conservation Society’s Southeastern Chapter, Soil Science Society of America’s S-3 Soil Quality Working Group, and USDA NRCS National Soil Quality Technology Development Team. Co-leaders for the workshop were Susan S. Andrews, Soil Quality National Technology Development Team Leader, USDA NRCS and Dory Franklin, Geographer, USDA-ARS.

Workshop Agenda, Abstracts, Speaker Bios and Presentations

Presentation Speaker
Statement of Intent Susan S. Andrews, USDA NRCS
The Foundation Resource - General Session
Why Soil Quality? Bill Puckett, USDA NRCS
Soil Quality and Water Quality Dory Franklin, USDA-ARS
Linking Soil and Air Quality Alan Franzluebbers, USDA-ARS
Soil Quality, Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services Cindy Cambardella, USDA-ARS
Soil Quality Assessment: Past Present and Future Doug Karlen, USDA-ARS
The Need for Soil Policy in the United States Craig Cox, SWCS
The Role of Soil Quality in Current Environmental Issues
Energy Biomass Production and Soil Quality - Breakout
Biomass Production and Soil Carbon Jane Johnson, USDA-ARS
Residue Feedstock: Soil and Air Quality Trade-offs John Hickman, John Deere Co.
Soil Quality and Water Conservation - Breakout
Runoff and Herbicide Transport under Conservation Systems Martin Shipitalo, USDA-ARS
Conservation Tillage for Water Conservation Francisco Arriaga, USDA-ARS
Meeting Needs for Protecting Soil Quality - General Session
The EU's Thematic Strategy for Soil Protection Dick Thompson, National Soil Research Institute, UK
Dynamic Soil Properties in Soil Survey Arlene Tugel, USDA NRCS
Management Techniques for Better Soil Quality
Soil Quality for Water Management - Breakout
Managing Saline or Sodic Soils Ray Archuleta, USDA NRCS
Drought Mitigation and Soil Quality Enhancement Merle Vigil, USDA-ARS
Impact of Conservation Tillage on Water Conservation D.G. Sullivan, USDA-ARS
Soil Management Techniques to Improve Water Quality Miguel Cabrera, University of Georgia
Quality Soil Management on Croplands - Breakout
Building Soil Quality for Organic Production Systems Michelle Wander, University of Illinois
Conservation Tillage in the Central Valley, CA Jeff Mitchell, University of California
Profitable Long-term Conservation Tillage for Soil Quality George Naderman, North Carolina State University (retired)
Conservation Management in Cropping Systems Norm Widman, USDA NRCS
Soil Quality in Grazinglands and Working Forests - Breakout
Pasture Management for Soil Quality Dan Wallace, USDA NRCS
Soil Quality in Working Forests: Healthy Forest Soils Lyn Townsend, USDA NRCS
Managing Soils in Rangelands Jerry Daigle, USDA NRCS
Assessing Soil Quality
Field & Laboratory Assessment - Breakout
Soil Quality Field Assessment Mike Sucik, USDA NRCS
Cornell Soil Health Assessment John Idowu, Cornell University
Soil Quality Estimation Using Models - Breakout
Soil Conditioning Index: A West Texas Case Study Ted Zobeck, USDA-ARS
The Conservation Effects Assessment Project and Soil Quality Lee Norfleet, USDA NRCS
US Policy and Soil Quality Assessment - Breakout
Soil Quality in the Proposed 2007 Farm Bill Carole Jett, USDA NRCS
Soil Quality in US Policy Craig Cox, SWCS
Where Do We Go From Here?